Medvedik is in Stockholm


Medvedik packed his suitcase and packed himself to disembark the ferry. He was pretty sure it is going to be a lovely day ahead. He was beary enough to observe some Scandinavian beauty.


Medvedik found his seat in the bus and started looking around, trying to spot the beauty of the Northern Europe. He noted at once that there was a great amount of blond people. He also noticed a big number of people who were transporting by means of bicycles. He thought to himself that it’s quite a nice idea, and it helps to save our planet from the global warming. He was always quite environmental conscious and he of course cared about his fellow polar bears, who were losing the spots to rest their asses day by day…


But Medvedik decided to stay on the positive side. Enjoying good sunny weather in Stockholm, he climbed the embankment rail to take a nice shot with the panoramic view of the city. He was quite amazed how many channels there were in Stockholm – the city was ubiquitosly surrounded by water. There were also seagulls ceremoniously seated everywhere. Medvedik had special relationships with those sea creatures. He always envied them because of their ability to catch fish on the surface of the sea.


Observing the sprawling water, Medvedik was thinking about going for a swim. He hadn’t been in the water for quite a while, so, to be on the safe site, he decided to take the life buoy with him… hm, but thinking it over again, what is the point?


So, Medvedik ran along the bank of the river, trying to find the good spot to dive in… and there he is – the cold water crawling through his thick hair gave him that soothing feeling of everything to be right. Suddenly he heard the big city hall clocks to strike 3 PM and he knew that it’s time for him to go back to the bus.


To warm up a little, he picked up a coffee and directed his furry feet to the Norwegian direction. Excited and thrilled, he was looking out of his window, trying to imagine what is waiting for him in Norway.