Medvedik on vacations


Medvedik took a little break from his daily routine and travelled to France.


He made a mistake of choosing the low-cost airline, which was not so low-cost, by the way.

He had to arrive to the airport pretty early, and the airport to take the flight was located 50 kms from the city, so he was sleepy and grumpy. The service girl told him that his bag was 2 cm’s wider than by standards of their cabin luggage and he had to drop it, paying 50 EUR for a piece of luggage. It made him quite angry but he decided to be cool. He went through the customs without much problems, but in the waiting zone there was no place for him to seat. He thought that some standing would only do him good since he was going to fly for a couple of hours in a sitting position… then he looked at the line waiting to get to the plane (1.5 hours before boarding) and he thought… well, if I get any seat in this strange plane.

He had to fight with other people to get in the plane, but he eventually found a seat and fastened his seatbelt around his white belly. As he prepared to take off, he felt that he was getting a little hungry. He had a can of sardines in his bag, but as soon as he tried to get it out the flight attendant appeared out of nowhere and told him that he could only eat things sold on board. In case he failed to comply with the rules, he would be fined EUR 50.

Oh my god, though Medvedik. This is a nightmare! He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep. But the notifications and announcement were so loud and pronounced every 2 minutes… Never again, just never again. He looked at the ground disappearing in the clouds, wishing he could just jump out and stay on the comfy and soft cloud.

Fujairah road-trip of Medvedik



Medvedik was so excited to go to Fujairah after his friend told him about this amazing place: One of the prime spots to do is Snoopy Island, so-called because of its apparent resemblance to Charlie Brown’s canine chum lying down. Snoopy is about half and hour north of Fujairah town and located just 20 metres off the Sandy Beach Resort. The journey from Dubai should take between an hour and a half and two hours. That’s what Timeout said with the voice of Medvedik’s friend.

Medvedik was climbing the shoulders of his friends to see if they can spot Snoopy Island already or not. It’s been already quite a long ride, but no sign of Snoopy Island yet.


By the way, it was a national day of the U.A.E., when they decided to go on a trip and Medvedik noticed a lot of people in festive mood all over the country. There were pictures of Sheikh’s drawn on the mountains, flags everywhere and by 2 pm people already started to gather together.

Long story short, Medvedik only arrived to the Sandy Beach Resort at 3 pm, which took them 4 hours to get there from Dubai. You might have thought that they took the long road, but no – they just followed the directions of the article.

The resort looked nice and Medvedik stretched his legs on the long chair, exposing his white hair to the mighty Arabian sun.


Five minutes later Medvedik heard a very loud noise. What could it be? He looked around, startled, but saw only a couple of drowsy Russian tourists around. Suddenly there appeared a large number of boats of all kinds with U.A.E. flags on it.


Medvedik waved to the guys on the boat and they waved back. What a nice way to celebrate your national day, thought the little polar bear.

After boats disappeared, he fell asleep on the chaise-long and saw a dream about celebrating a national day of the North Pole. He was cruising on the ice floe and waving a white flag to the Shell drilling guys. Somehow it didn’t feel as festive. There was something wrong.

Medvedik travels to Fujairah



On the weekend Medvedik decided to devote some time to travel around Dubai. He heard a lot of nice things about Fujairah and its beaches, so he decided to go have a look. On his way he got mesmerized by the mountains! Just 120 kilometres from Dubai and here you go – lovely mountains.

Stay tuned for the whole story of Medvedik’s travel.

Medvedik roams through desert


Medvedik went to see if there was life outside Dubai. His trip to desert was spontaneous and unorganized. First thing he noticed was that the sand was not the same as it was in Barasti beach. It was very tiny and omnipresent.

Medvedik saw real camels and thought that normally polar bears and camels can only meet in the zoo. They live in absolutely different conditions. He was mesmerized by the gracefulness of these animals cruising through desert. Medvedik felt pity that these camels were tied up and couldn’t go play with him in the dunes. He tried to ask the camel keeper to set them free, but the guy just gave his a strage look. Then he tried to untie his big desert friend, but was kicked out by the camel shepherd.

Medvedik started feeling that he was overheating and tried to find some shade. Desert is definitely not the right place for a polar bear, he thought, it was stupid of me to even think that I could do this… he was thinking almost loosing his conscious. He looked around and oh yes, saw a nice little fountain that looked promising.

Medvedik jumped into the fountain only to find that water was very hot there. Well, it was stupid to expect that it would be cold. He got out of the water and bingo! spotted a bar. If there was a bar, then there should have been ice there.

Hooray, happy Medvedik dove in the bucket of ice and decided not to leave it till sunset. Once again he prayed for all the polar bears in the world that they could keep their habitat and wouldn’t be forced to move to places where they would have their asses fried in the sun.