Medvedik celebrates his 1 year old



I woke up with a strange feeling in the morning. I thought again and again what could be so special about this day, when I understood that 29th of April was my birthday. Good enough reason to do something special today, I thought. It was a lovely spring day and I decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air.
I ended up going to one of my favourite places in Dubai – Madinat Jumeirah. As I arrived there, I noticed a big sign with Fashion Forward written on it. There was a group of people walking in that direction, and me being a curious bear followed them.
Tried to sneak in the venue but the security guy stopped me at the entrance. “Invitation only!” What kind of place is this that such a cute polar bear can’t get it? Meanwhile, an old nice looking lady asked me which designer I was wearing. “Very nice furs!” she admitted, touching my back. I informed her that I am wearing nothing but Mother Nature. The old lady looked puzzled. “Emilio Pucci? Must be something from the new collection…” I looked at myself and said that I’m wearing nothing, but classics. The lady smiled as we got inside the long hallway with a lot of colourful dresses on the plastic manequins.
All the people were going inside the Hall number 3, so I just followed them. There was a fashion show and a lot of tall and good-looking girls were walking along the catwalk wearing glittering clothes. I found it quite monotonous and boring, so I left after 3 minutes of the show.
My nose lead me to the outside area with the restaurant. There could be no mistake, there were salmon sandwiches on the table! “That’s what I need to feel utterly happy on my Bearthday!” I thought, taking the big plate away, while the waiter was glued to the screen with the fashion show.
I stepped away from the crowd and sat under a tree finishing sandwiches one by one. Suddenly, there was a strong gust of wind and small red flowers started falling off the tree.

“Isn’t it the most gorgeous show ever?” Medvedik thought. “Why are people trying to create some artificial beauty when there is so much beauty around us?” he thought, running back and forth, playing in between of the little red flowers.

Medvedik goes on a diet



One day Medvedik woke up in his usual beary state of mind. He got up and went to brush his teeth. He looked in the mirror and paused in awe. He noticed that there were three extra rolls of fat on his belly. “No way!” thought Medvedik, “It must have been just dark here and the mirror is not flattering with these lights”. He rushed out of the bathroom to look in the big mirror next to the window. Unfortunately the picture didn’t really change. Medvedik thought that it’s strange, because usually he acquired that extra fat when he was going to survive a cold winter in the North Pole. Why is it here and I am living in Dubai? Perhaps that double burger yesterday night was too much.

Medvedik decided to change the situation. He was living in a hot country and he was not a rare visitor of the beach. What if he meets a cute female polar bear on the beach and she is turned down by his rolls of fat? No, I need to change it immediately, thought the brave polar bear.


Choosing a fast and ecological way, Medvedik rode his bicycle to the park, which was 7 kms from his apartment. After 3 kilometres he understood that he needed a rest. He parked on the lawn and, breathing deeply, started doing light workout to burn more calories. He noticed a small fruit market not far away and went to buy some fruits for his small lunch that contained no burgers or salmon this time.

He jumped on the bicycle again and continued his way on the road, filled with cars and trucks. The air was thick and heavy, traffic moved slowly, but Medvedik made his way through with a decent speed. He was all sweaty when he made it to the park. He made couple of circles around and decided that it was a good time for his lunch.

After finishing his bowl of strawberries, he understood that he was still very hungry. I guess that’s the trick of the diet, he thought, you have to be hungry all the time. Just like those times when you wake up after long winter and go to the shore to catch some fish.

Medvedik lied on the grass for a while, looking to the clear blue sky, and decided that it was enough exercises for him that day. He decided to try gym someday, but for now he needed some rest and a plate of fresh Norwegian salmon.

Medvedik shops at Ikea


One day Medvedik was sitting on his sofa and reading an article on the Greenpeace website about the climate change. When he finished it, he felt a little bit empty. He looked around his room and realized that his room was kind of empty too. No wallpapers, no posters, no pictures. “Boring”, – Medvedik thought, – “I should go and get something nice to hang on the walls” and he went to Ikea.

At once the store stroke Medvedik as the huge one, I mean HUGE one, and he felt like a little lost bear in the middle of people, fighting for the trolley. Medvedik realized that he had to be persevering  to obtain what he wanted. He needed to feel as big as anyone else or he would have drowned in the world of Swedish furniture.

He remembered the rule that one of his friends told him to follow in an Ikea store – to be like salmon, to move with the flow. So, he started cruising in the flow of salmon. He liked the smell of the candles, so he put couple of them in the yellow Ikea bag. He got two new knives – to cut his fish and vegetables more efficiently. Medvedik jumped on a couple of mattresses, trying to decide whether the softer one was better, or maybe the harder one was the best choice for a healthy back. He chose a new bed sheet as white as the snow in the North Pole.  He was really tempted to buy an armchair, that looked like an old-school chair which you would put next to the chimney, but then remembered, that he had no chimney.

  He found a couple of pictures that made him think about his future travels and an amazing collage of a beach house on the shore. Medvedik also added a green plant to his bag in order to make his place fresher and more natural.

When Medvedik arrived at the counter, he was flabbergasted… He only took couple of things, but what he took looked like a mountain of goods. He must have been carried away by the salmon flow… or lost his concentration for a second.

He got everything packed and wrapped, and was exiting the store, when he noticed a promotion sign in the food shop – “Get three cans of herring for the price of two!” … well, that sounded like a good deal to Medvedik. So, he added 12 cans of amazing Swedish smelly herring to his bag and plodded home, contemplating about how on Earth he would hang those pictures on the walls.