Medvedik visits Botanical Garden


Hello, dear friends!

It is time for us to have a little bit of entertainment and to go on a road trip with Medvedik, who grew kind of impatient by just staying in the peaceful hotel all the time.

I picked up the colourful travel book and browsed through looking for places of interest to visit in Mauritius.  “Need to explore something green with lots of fresh air”, I thought, unwilling to come back to the land of baking sun and occasional bushes. Botanical garden sounds like a great idea then!

I asked around to find out who is willing to join my adventures, but apart from the greedy for money driver, I couldn’t find anyone who would want to go see the exotic collection of trees from all over the world. I hesitated a bit for taking a cab, the garden seemed to be close enough, so I rented a bike instead. This made me feel a much better ecologically conscious bear, although the bike was quite squeaky.

At the gates of the garden there was a guide waiting for me. In fact, the guide was not exactly waiting for me, but he was so happy to see a visitor, that I could not say no to him.

The excursion started with a story about the gates, which were delivered to this botanical garden from … but I got already allured by a massive Baobab at the entrance of the garden. I had never seen anything as thick and impressive in my life. Well, icebergs are quite impressive too, and it would be the coolest thing in the world to see a baobab on an iceberg, I thought. Of course, the first thing I attempted to do after seeing such a massive product of Mother Nature was to climb it. In the beginning it went really well, but then I saw an enormous spider, occupying one of the gigantic tree branches. It gave me such a fright that I immediately fell off and landed right in front of the tour guide, who continued his never-ending story about trees and bushes.


The garden was fantastic, filled in with all kind of fresh smells and lovely-looking plants. I had really good fun playing in the alleys and trying to cross the channel in Victoria Amazonica leaf, playing with the lotus flower, swinging here and forth on the lianas.

Right at the exit of the garden, I saw a beautiful deer.

–       Hi, deer! – said Medvedik. – Would you like to make a new friend and maybe go have a cup of green tea somewhere around?

–       Hello, Little Bear, – the deer answered lazily. – To be honest, I am very well here with my pals, enjoying some fresh grass, but you can leave your business card and I will call you later. Maybe.


I didn’t have a business card as well as I didn’t have any business. I left the garden, found my bike parked on the side, and left in the direction of the hotel, contemplating about the type of beary business that I could start in order to be able to leave business cards and make friends with deer and other animals.

Medvedik explores Norway


Medvedik really enjoyed the roadtrip from Stockholm to Oslo, spotting those little houses with lovely gardens, sheep, occasional elks. Norway greeted him with deep blue lakes and fjords, green fields and good roads. He stretched his legs, getting out of the bus, and followed everyone to the entrance of the hotel. He comfortably placed his furry ass in the armchair of Radisson Blu hotel, next to the fireplace and wished he had a cigar and a book of Hemingway to properly feel the atmosphere.


Next morning Medvedik looked out of the window and saw a beautiful lake surrounded by green trees and bushes. He decided to go down for a walk to wake up his appetite for breakfast. The air was so fresh and crispy that he wished he had bigger lungs to take some air with him for later. The green grass felt really wonderful under Medvedik’s paws which made him feel somehow fresher and younger than he was.


As he came down to the water, he saluted the fisherman and his dog, wishing he could stay longer to fancy some fishing himself. Medvedik closed his eyes, thinking how marvelous it would be to savour the taste of grand Norwegian salmon on his palate.


The sun was shining brightly that morning filling up Medvedik with energy and love. He wished he could stay longer, but he promised himself he would come back someday to get off on Norwegian fjords and nature.

Medvedik ran back to the hotel, had a quick breakfast, said good-bye to the fjord and started his way into the urbanistic part of Oslo.


He visited Vigellan’s park on his way where he had fun jumping from one statue to another, pretending to be a part of the scene. He went to feed the ducks and to observe the runners on the stairs, who ran up the stairs and went down on the lawn. He took a moment to rest in the sun by the fountain, counting groups of tourists coming and going. One girl from Russia even made a remark to him not to walk in the grass… but… “What the hell?” – thought Medvedik, “What is the problem with the grass?”, and contemplating about that he continued his way through the city.

That day, it was a labour day in Norway. Medvedik spotted a demonstration, which he joined immediately, because he was quite sure that the polar bear involved in a demonstration would always be a winner – no matter what the demonstration was for or against.

He jumped out at the seafront, where he had an ice cream with teenagers from Oslo, discussing some rock band unknown to him.

Medvedik grabbed a  cup of coffee and a hot dog at seven-eleven and continued walking down the sunny streets of Oslo when he saw this.


He just froze for a second, then he ran as fast as he could. He found a monument of his mum. He recognized her wise face and her figure. He jumped on her and hugged her by the neck, but the next moment he realized everyone around was looking at him in a judging way. He immediately blushed and jumped off the statue. Walking away, he waved and winked to the big polar bear, saying that he will be back someday.

The early evening started to break out and Medvedik had another boat to catch. He was travelling to Denmark this time. He was quite amused by the size of the ferry, so he rushed upstairs to reserve a seat which would allow him to watch how Norwegian shores would get smaller and disappear in the sea.


Medvedik was happy that he had a chance to have a small bite of Norway, he was saying good-bye to this land of salmon and fjords, moving slowly to something, perhaps, even more exciting.

As he watched the sun going down, he still was thinking about the lonely polar bear monument in the middle of Oslo, how he would like to warm it up with his beary love and make it throw away its stone fetters. He would like to invite his big stone polar bear friend  to the restaurant for a bowl of nice fish soup… Another day, another polar bear, he thought, drifting away into the after-sunset-activities.