Medvedik learns how to use DSLR camera


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So … How do you take a bearlfie with this thing?

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In order to be popular on social media these days, you need to be cute and you need to be pro in taking selfies. As I have no problems with cuteness, just need to figure out the second part. Obviously, the bigger the camera – the better the photos!

And so, I enrolled on a photo class, borrowed a bad-ass camera from my friend and prepared myself to become a pro selfie shooter. In the class I found myself surrounded by middle-aged women, happy Indian guys and a photographing instructor, who was laughing nervously looking me with a big DSLR… as if she never saw a polar bear with a camera before.

Soon enough I learned that in fact the auto-mode that I was almost always using was the worst possible thing to do and that M would be more useful for Medvedik. As well it turned out that for a good photo you need a good speedlight (this is what they call flash these days) and a tripod (which would be a tricky part, as there is no way I can reach a camera mounted on a tripod). And it turns out that all of this also costs a fortune. And it weights as 150 of tiny polar bears like me.

If you can actually carry this thing around with you… which is not my case. I guess I am doomed with asking people to document my life as I will continue being cute, but sadly not very good at taking selfies.