Medvedik goes on a boat trip in Oman


One day browsing through Facebook page I came over a group of people who were planning a trip to the northern part of Oman also known as Musandam, and enrolled myself to be a part of their group since I am a cool polar bear and have my own Facebook page as well.

On a warm (around 37 degrees) Friday morning, I climbed to the luggage bag and slept comfortably in someone’s clothes for 3 hours before reaching the very fishy smelling harbour in Oman. This country indeed looks more middle eastern than Dubai does. Particularly, you won’t see any skyscrapers, but mountains instead. The mountains have absolutely no trees or bushes on them, but a lot of goats jumping around. Unclear what those poor goat eat. Or perhaps they have already eaten everything – this is why there is nothing left.

I embarked on the boat excited about the trip. The sun was shining and the captain seemed friendly. I was chilling on the front of the boat with a lot of nice people who were enjoying their drinks, while I was enjoying the fishy smell.


In Oman fjords it is possible to see dolphins swimming around at certain times of the year, but sadly this time we could only smell them, but they were nowhere to be seen.

As the day went by, it was getting hotter and hotter and my nose started to be a little bit sunburnt. Luckily the friendly captain employed a very friendly crew, who was taking a speedboat every couple of hours to bring ice to our luxury boat. I decided to jump on the opportunity of comfortably spending an afternoon in a friendly environment… and to be honest just got out when the stars were high in the sky.

The rest of our group was enjoying the wedding music on a small island called the Telegraph island, while I was trying to have an intelligent conversation with a group of Portuguese people about the advantages of seeing the stars against advantages of seeing Burj Khalifa from 90 kilometres away… at which point a couple of overly happy French people arrived and claimed that they can actually see Burj Khalifa from right there where they are standing.

I remember how bright were the stars from my home in the Arctic. It is something quite of a view that now drilling guys from Shell are enjoying, instead of us… polar bears. The sparkling stars over the dark waters of Oman reminded me of long lost home. But these days, I am not the only one who has left his home in search of a better future in new lands. My friends, I just want to ask you to help everyone who is in need today because tomorrow it could be that you would find your home with your stars taken away by wars or by the nasty drilling guys. And when everyone is at peace, perhaps then the dolphins will show up… because they are happy creatures and don’t like negative energy.

Medvedik is a social light


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How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world (c)William Shakespeare

So spread the beary love and do the good deeds my fluffy friends.

Medvedik crashes at Rock Bottom bar


So it’s Friday evening and every soul on Earth wants to have a good time. And Medvedik is not an exception.

Earlier that evening, he got an invitation from his friends to go see their new apartment. They asked to bring the drinks along. «That sounds good!», thought little Medvedik, while packing a bottle of tomato juice.

Arriving to his friends’ place, he spotted a cat at the entrance and went to play with him. The cat was so cute that Medvedik wanted to invite him to come see his friends’ place too, but then he remembered that one of them had an allergy to cats. Medvedik said good-bye to the cat and promised to write him on Facebook tomorrow morning.

Medvedik’s friends were surprised to see tomato juice as the drink for the night, so they brought up the idea to go to the bar called Rock Bottom. Medvedik was uneasy about going to the bar, because he could not understand at first how could you go to a relatively long, straight, rigid piece of solid material called Rock Bottom. But then his friends explained that it was a place, not a piece of material.

At the entrance to the bar there was quite an unstable crowd, which was probably too tired after their working day, thought Medvedik. One guy even had problems entering the door, although it was wide enough. A big security guy stamped Medvedik’s back at the entrance, and the little polar bear was taken in the kingdom of the loud music and lickerish people.

A girl in a very short dress tried to catch Medvedik’s glimpse and take him to the dance floor with her, but he preferred to stay aside.


His friend offered Medvedik a weird-looking blue drink, which tasted sweet and lovely, but Medvedik remembered his fiesta in Sweden and decided to stay away from alcohol this night.

He ran around couple of times before landing at the table with peanuts. The bar was fun, but Medvedik felt dizzy because of too much smoke around him and the music, which was way too loud.

With a heavy head but a light heart, he rushed outside to drown into the hot night air of Dubai. He looked up in hope to see the stars, sighed, and went home, thinking about the endless starry night on the North Pole.