Medvedik faces drinking consequences


Medvedik really liked it on the ferry. It was a big ship full of entertainment zones, shops, bars and restaurants. After finishing his stroll outside, having said goodbye to Estonia, he decided to go have a pint of something happy during happy hour at the bar. Cider sounded like a good idea and Medvedik got two for the price of one. Everything was as proper as it could be – seagulls above the Baltic Sea outside the bar window, light rock music, expectations of an amazing trip in front of him, he drifted away on the waves of apple cider, moving slowly to the Swedish land.


Couple of hours later, Medvedik didn’t really notice how he was taken by the music of the orchestra, playing in the main entertainment hall. Beautiful flamenco show, dancing competition, and here he is – dancing on the table with the vibe of the night. Why is everything spinning around? The lights, people, polar bears. Is this the real fiesta or just too many drinks for a small polar bear like him?


Morning came along with the rocky shores of Sweden, welcoming Medvedik and all the people on the Victoria ferry. Medvedik realized he didn’t feel that good and went out to look at the cute Swedish houses. Fresh air woke him up a little bit, but there was still some kind of weird fiesta in his head.


He made couple of rounds along the deck to get ready for the new day full of joy and excitement. He was ready again, ready to drink, to party, to discover and to be beary as he always was.