Medvedik goes on a boat trip in Oman


One day browsing through Facebook page I came over a group of people who were planning a trip to the northern part of Oman also known as Musandam, and enrolled myself to be a part of their group since I am a cool polar bear and have my own Facebook page as well.

On a warm (around 37 degrees) Friday morning, I climbed to the luggage bag and slept comfortably in someone’s clothes for 3 hours before reaching the very fishy smelling harbour in Oman. This country indeed looks more middle eastern than Dubai does. Particularly, you won’t see any skyscrapers, but mountains instead. The mountains have absolutely no trees or bushes on them, but a lot of goats jumping around. Unclear what those poor goat eat. Or perhaps they have already eaten everything – this is why there is nothing left.

I embarked on the boat excited about the trip. The sun was shining and the captain seemed friendly. I was chilling on the front of the boat with a lot of nice people who were enjoying their drinks, while I was enjoying the fishy smell.


In Oman fjords it is possible to see dolphins swimming around at certain times of the year, but sadly this time we could only smell them, but they were nowhere to be seen.

As the day went by, it was getting hotter and hotter and my nose started to be a little bit sunburnt. Luckily the friendly captain employed a very friendly crew, who was taking a speedboat every couple of hours to bring ice to our luxury boat. I decided to jump on the opportunity of comfortably spending an afternoon in a friendly environment… and to be honest just got out when the stars were high in the sky.

The rest of our group was enjoying the wedding music on a small island called the Telegraph island, while I was trying to have an intelligent conversation with a group of Portuguese people about the advantages of seeing the stars against advantages of seeing Burj Khalifa from 90 kilometres away… at which point a couple of overly happy French people arrived and claimed that they can actually see Burj Khalifa from right there where they are standing.

I remember how bright were the stars from my home in the Arctic. It is something quite of a view that now drilling guys from Shell are enjoying, instead of us… polar bears. The sparkling stars over the dark waters of Oman reminded me of long lost home. But these days, I am not the only one who has left his home in search of a better future in new lands. My friends, I just want to ask you to help everyone who is in need today because tomorrow it could be that you would find your home with your stars taken away by wars or by the nasty drilling guys. And when everyone is at peace, perhaps then the dolphins will show up… because they are happy creatures and don’t like negative energy.

Medvedik growls at Super Moon.


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Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.

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Medvedik celebrates his 1 year old



I woke up with a strange feeling in the morning. I thought again and again what could be so special about this day, when I understood that 29th of April was my birthday. Good enough reason to do something special today, I thought. It was a lovely spring day and I decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air.
I ended up going to one of my favourite places in Dubai – Madinat Jumeirah. As I arrived there, I noticed a big sign with Fashion Forward written on it. There was a group of people walking in that direction, and me being a curious bear followed them.
Tried to sneak in the venue but the security guy stopped me at the entrance. “Invitation only!” What kind of place is this that such a cute polar bear can’t get it? Meanwhile, an old nice looking lady asked me which designer I was wearing. “Very nice furs!” she admitted, touching my back. I informed her that I am wearing nothing but Mother Nature. The old lady looked puzzled. “Emilio Pucci? Must be something from the new collection…” I looked at myself and said that I’m wearing nothing, but classics. The lady smiled as we got inside the long hallway with a lot of colourful dresses on the plastic manequins.
All the people were going inside the Hall number 3, so I just followed them. There was a fashion show and a lot of tall and good-looking girls were walking along the catwalk wearing glittering clothes. I found it quite monotonous and boring, so I left after 3 minutes of the show.
My nose lead me to the outside area with the restaurant. There could be no mistake, there were salmon sandwiches on the table! “That’s what I need to feel utterly happy on my Bearthday!” I thought, taking the big plate away, while the waiter was glued to the screen with the fashion show.
I stepped away from the crowd and sat under a tree finishing sandwiches one by one. Suddenly, there was a strong gust of wind and small red flowers started falling off the tree.

“Isn’t it the most gorgeous show ever?” Medvedik thought. “Why are people trying to create some artificial beauty when there is so much beauty around us?” he thought, running back and forth, playing in between of the little red flowers.

Medvedik goes on a diet



One day Medvedik woke up in his usual beary state of mind. He got up and went to brush his teeth. He looked in the mirror and paused in awe. He noticed that there were three extra rolls of fat on his belly. “No way!” thought Medvedik, “It must have been just dark here and the mirror is not flattering with these lights”. He rushed out of the bathroom to look in the big mirror next to the window. Unfortunately the picture didn’t really change. Medvedik thought that it’s strange, because usually he acquired that extra fat when he was going to survive a cold winter in the North Pole. Why is it here and I am living in Dubai? Perhaps that double burger yesterday night was too much.

Medvedik decided to change the situation. He was living in a hot country and he was not a rare visitor of the beach. What if he meets a cute female polar bear on the beach and she is turned down by his rolls of fat? No, I need to change it immediately, thought the brave polar bear.


Choosing a fast and ecological way, Medvedik rode his bicycle to the park, which was 7 kms from his apartment. After 3 kilometres he understood that he needed a rest. He parked on the lawn and, breathing deeply, started doing light workout to burn more calories. He noticed a small fruit market not far away and went to buy some fruits for his small lunch that contained no burgers or salmon this time.

He jumped on the bicycle again and continued his way on the road, filled with cars and trucks. The air was thick and heavy, traffic moved slowly, but Medvedik made his way through with a decent speed. He was all sweaty when he made it to the park. He made couple of circles around and decided that it was a good time for his lunch.

After finishing his bowl of strawberries, he understood that he was still very hungry. I guess that’s the trick of the diet, he thought, you have to be hungry all the time. Just like those times when you wake up after long winter and go to the shore to catch some fish.

Medvedik lied on the grass for a while, looking to the clear blue sky, and decided that it was enough exercises for him that day. He decided to try gym someday, but for now he needed some rest and a plate of fresh Norwegian salmon.

Medvedik does visa run


Everyone who arrives to Dubai with an intention to stay, apart from the GCC region residents, needs to do visa runs from time to time. Medvedik was surprised that this  rule applied to his humble person too, but the laws are for everyone, even polar bears. So he went to buy a ticket to the closest destination, which was Muscat, Oman, and went to Dubai International Airport, Terminal two to catch his plane.

Airports are always fascinating. There are so many people. Many people meet, many people part. There are smiles and tears, laughter and sighs. But there are no many polar bears. Medvedik thought that probably even in Oslo airport you would not see a lot of polar bears.

It was late at night, so Medvedik was quite sleepy. He dropped by Costa Coffee to grab a cappuccino and kill some time. He took a seat next to some sportsman from Georgia,who was snoring very loudly. Medvedik was sipping his coffee, looking at all the people running around with their suitcases. The automatic voice was inviting random people to go to certain gates. Suddenly he heard Mr Medvedik Polarbear invitation to a gate number 2. He rushed to the gate and jumped in the bus.

The plane was new and clean and that made Medvedik very happy. Of course he would be happier to make the whole trip by bicycle, but riding 250 kms by bicycle was not the easiest task to fulfill. Medvedik had no neighbours, so he could jump from one seat to another. He found it quite entertaining, but the stewardess came up to him and asked him to stay in one seat and fasten his seat belt because the plane was about to take off. Medvedik chose the seat next to the window and looked out the window, observing the planes taking off and landing.

Medvedik noticed that there were TV’s built in the seats in front. How cool, he thought. Then he watched a cartoon explaining how to behave on board, which he found quite hilarious, because it portrayed Arabic people in a very genuine  way. After it finished, Medvedik realized that he actually can choose a program or a movie to watch. He picked a documentary about animal rescuers in Africa and dissolved into the prairies.

His flight went fine. It took only fifteen minutes to get out of the plane and get back to the same plane. He was back to Dubai in 40 minutes. The same terminal, the same air.

Medvedik was really tempted to take a ride on the baggage belt, but the gloomy policeman look made him realize he’d better behave. Medvedik dropped by Duty Free shop to see if he can meet his fellow schleich polar bears there, but there was mostly alcohol, cigarettes and make up. Medvedik spotted the promotion sign, saying that he can win 1 000 000 if he shops at Dubai Duty free. Stupid to lose such a chance! Medvedik got a bottle of Moet champagne. A bottle of champagne would always be useful to keep at home 😉

Tired, but happy that it’s over, he caught a taxi and went home.

Medvedik rides Dubai metro


One day Medvedik decided to be eco-friendly and try Dubai metro. He heard from some of his friends that it was super awesome and easy, it was clean and inviting, fast and there was no driver. The first question he had in his head was: “But what if I get stuck in the doors?” He decided to be extra attentive for this not to happen to him.

So, he entered the air-conditioned vestibule of the station and looked around. There were steps running up and there was an elevator. Medvedik paused, thinking what to choose. He felt flabbergasted by these modern technologies, remembering just  how easy it was running up and down the snow slops in the North Pole. He decided to go up the normal stairs, although some Indian woman gave him a look full of despise, as if it was wrong to run up the steps. The next thing Medvedik saw was a running carpet.

That is one hell of a technology-pumped country, Medvedik thought. It’s just a patch of a hundred metres long. How come people became so lazy that they can’t walk a little bit to get to the metro train, where they would put their fifth dimension (meaning the soft one) in the comfortable seat?

The metro was not crowded at all and Medvedik took a second to look out of a big window to see all those, who were not as eco-friendly, and were rushing down the Sheikh Zayed Road in their usual way.

He found an entrance to the metro station and greeted a gloomy policeman, who was wearing a funny hat. Medvedik saw a small shop on the station and was about to buy a Donut, when he saw that it was forbidden to eat in the metro. He turned around, crossed the tourniquet and stopped at the metro map. There were only two lines – green and red. It was indeed not too complicated. Medvedik had to give way to a lost woman covered in black. She looked confused and bemused at the same time. When he asked her if he could help, she turned around and ran away.

Medvedik went up the stairs again, listening the announcements in English and Arabic. He decided to go see Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, so he needed to ride Rashidia destination. The station was quiet and clean. The screen said that Medvedik had to wait three minutes for his train to arrive. “It’s quite convenient,” he thought. He could see the train coming from the previous station through the big window in the station. It was blue, shiny in the sun and looking like a big fast snake.

Medvedik rushed to the door and got inside. It was very clean and quite nice cabin. He wanted to greet the passengers, but they were not looking at him. The train started and Medvedik lost his balance and almost fell in the women’s cabin, but the very serious cabin security told him to get out, because he was of the wrong gender. Medvedik returned to the common wagon and stood next to the window. The train was running fast and smoothly. It almost made no sound. Medvedik thought that it’s quite a pleasant way to travel around the city.

At one point Medvedik even got the seat, but he gave it to the pregnant lady one station later.

It was nice and cool in the metro, at some point Medvedik even got cold, so he moved closer to the door. He looked at all the passengers, anticipating someone will get stuck in the doors, but no one did. He was quite disappointed to admit that his friends were right and it was not quite possible. He was thinking that it would be lovely to have this train running from one end of the North Pole to the other, so that the Polar Bears don’t have to walk long distances in search for food, but would just hope on a train and ride to the coast, having a nice chat along the way. Yeah, that would be lovely, thought Medvedik, looking at the patches of constructions in between the villas and skyscrapers. The North Pole was so far away from him at that moment…

Medvedik shops at Ikea


One day Medvedik was sitting on his sofa and reading an article on the Greenpeace website about the climate change. When he finished it, he felt a little bit empty. He looked around his room and realized that his room was kind of empty too. No wallpapers, no posters, no pictures. “Boring”, – Medvedik thought, – “I should go and get something nice to hang on the walls” and he went to Ikea.

At once the store stroke Medvedik as the huge one, I mean HUGE one, and he felt like a little lost bear in the middle of people, fighting for the trolley. Medvedik realized that he had to be persevering  to obtain what he wanted. He needed to feel as big as anyone else or he would have drowned in the world of Swedish furniture.

He remembered the rule that one of his friends told him to follow in an Ikea store – to be like salmon, to move with the flow. So, he started cruising in the flow of salmon. He liked the smell of the candles, so he put couple of them in the yellow Ikea bag. He got two new knives – to cut his fish and vegetables more efficiently. Medvedik jumped on a couple of mattresses, trying to decide whether the softer one was better, or maybe the harder one was the best choice for a healthy back. He chose a new bed sheet as white as the snow in the North Pole.  He was really tempted to buy an armchair, that looked like an old-school chair which you would put next to the chimney, but then remembered, that he had no chimney.

  He found a couple of pictures that made him think about his future travels and an amazing collage of a beach house on the shore. Medvedik also added a green plant to his bag in order to make his place fresher and more natural.

When Medvedik arrived at the counter, he was flabbergasted… He only took couple of things, but what he took looked like a mountain of goods. He must have been carried away by the salmon flow… or lost his concentration for a second.

He got everything packed and wrapped, and was exiting the store, when he noticed a promotion sign in the food shop – “Get three cans of herring for the price of two!” … well, that sounded like a good deal to Medvedik. So, he added 12 cans of amazing Swedish smelly herring to his bag and plodded home, contemplating about how on Earth he would hang those pictures on the walls.

Medvedik crashes at Rock Bottom bar


So it’s Friday evening and every soul on Earth wants to have a good time. And Medvedik is not an exception.

Earlier that evening, he got an invitation from his friends to go see their new apartment. They asked to bring the drinks along. «That sounds good!», thought little Medvedik, while packing a bottle of tomato juice.

Arriving to his friends’ place, he spotted a cat at the entrance and went to play with him. The cat was so cute that Medvedik wanted to invite him to come see his friends’ place too, but then he remembered that one of them had an allergy to cats. Medvedik said good-bye to the cat and promised to write him on Facebook tomorrow morning.

Medvedik’s friends were surprised to see tomato juice as the drink for the night, so they brought up the idea to go to the bar called Rock Bottom. Medvedik was uneasy about going to the bar, because he could not understand at first how could you go to a relatively long, straight, rigid piece of solid material called Rock Bottom. But then his friends explained that it was a place, not a piece of material.

At the entrance to the bar there was quite an unstable crowd, which was probably too tired after their working day, thought Medvedik. One guy even had problems entering the door, although it was wide enough. A big security guy stamped Medvedik’s back at the entrance, and the little polar bear was taken in the kingdom of the loud music and lickerish people.

A girl in a very short dress tried to catch Medvedik’s glimpse and take him to the dance floor with her, but he preferred to stay aside.


His friend offered Medvedik a weird-looking blue drink, which tasted sweet and lovely, but Medvedik remembered his fiesta in Sweden and decided to stay away from alcohol this night.

He ran around couple of times before landing at the table with peanuts. The bar was fun, but Medvedik felt dizzy because of too much smoke around him and the music, which was way too loud.

With a heavy head but a light heart, he rushed outside to drown into the hot night air of Dubai. He looked up in hope to see the stars, sighed, and went home, thinking about the endless starry night on the North Pole.