Medvedik learns how to use DSLR camera


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So … How do you take a bearlfie with this thing?

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In order to be popular on social media these days, you need to be cute and you need to be pro in taking selfies. As I have no problems with cuteness, just need to figure out the second part. Obviously, the bigger the camera – the better the photos!

And so, I enrolled on a photo class, borrowed a bad-ass camera from my friend and prepared myself to become a pro selfie shooter. In the class I found myself surrounded by middle-aged women, happy Indian guys and a photographing instructor, who was laughing nervously looking me with a big DSLR… as if she never saw a polar bear with a camera before.

Soon enough I learned that in fact the auto-mode that I was almost always using was the worst possible thing to do and that M would be more useful for Medvedik. As well it turned out that for a good photo you need a good speedlight (this is what they call flash these days) and a tripod (which would be a tricky part, as there is no way I can reach a camera mounted on a tripod). And it turns out that all of this also costs a fortune. And it weights as 150 of tiny polar bears like me.

If you can actually carry this thing around with you… which is not my case. I guess I am doomed with asking people to document my life as I will continue being cute, but sadly not very good at taking selfies.

Medvedik Meets a Giant Turtle


It was another lovely morning and I woke up, stretching my paws and opened my eyes to say hello to happy sunshine, looking through the window.

I was ready for the new adventures. I took a quick shower in a sink, desperately trying to wake up.

Today there was a visit planned to go to a unique place created by Mother Nature called Seven Coloured Earths. I packed a small sandwich with tuna so that I would not be hungry on the way, and started off on the adventure.

I was always interested in everything that was not man-made. The reason for that was that since I had to leave the Arctic due to the Shell company taking away my home, I don’t trust man-made things as much as I trust Mother Nature. There was lot of bear families that lived happily in the Arctic before people came in search of black gold, kicking polar bears out of their habitats.

To minimize the harm I used a public bus this time. After having bumped his head couple of times on quite a potholed road to the national park, I arrived to a spectacular viewpoint overlooking the waterfalls. It was a hot sunny day, and I would not be myself if I didn’t try to go for a swim in such a nice place. I looked around and didn’t notice and signs prohibiting swimming, so I just climbed over the fence and started my way to the waterfall. Approximately 30 seconds later there was a guard, appearing somewhere out of the bushes, saying: “Excuse me, sir. You are not allowed to swim in the waterfall!”.


“Why not?” asked Medvedik, not believing his ears. “It is a Natural Wonder protected by the Government!”. “You know,” answered Medvedik, “if you read the news, you’d know that I am also a natural wonder, unfortunatelly not protected by anyone, because the Arctic belongs to no one, but I think it will be okay if one natural wonder use the other one”, said Medvedik with a grin. “I don’t think so, sir’, answered the guard, unimpressed by Medvedik’s speech, and showed him the way back.

“No worries”, – I said, and followed the sign showing the way to the next Natural wonder. The sun was shining profoundly, and I was getting a little bit hot, so I turned right to rest in the shade of a tree. I sat down on the grass and took out my tuna sandwich, ready to have a little quite deserved snack.

–       Hi, little fellow, you mind sharing that piece of divine smelling lunch you have?

I looked around and saw a gigantic turtle that could eat me right away, so I figured it was a better idea to share my lunch.

–       Sure, hello, hi! You can have it, if you want, – Medvedik laughed nervously.

–       You look like a nice fellow. You want a ride on an old turtle like me?

–       Sounds fantastic, – said little bear, climbing on the turtle’s back.


The ride was much less exciting than it sounded, as the turtle was moving very slow and besides, stopping every five meters to eat some grass. I hopped off and saw Seven Coloured Earths right in front of me. The view was absolutely stunning, the colours were playing in my eyes and I felt like I was caught in a rainbow of emotions. I wanted to cover himself with every colour of dust from this Earth and become a colourful bear, but the guard was on the watch, so I was simply enjoying the view, preserving my natural whiteness and thinking about catching up on lunch in the nearest future.

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