Medvedik visits Botanical Garden


Hello, dear friends!

It is time for us to have a little bit of entertainment and to go on a road trip with Medvedik, who grew kind of impatient by just staying in the peaceful hotel all the time.

I picked up the colourful travel book and browsed through looking for places of interest to visit in Mauritius.  “Need to explore something green with lots of fresh air”, I thought, unwilling to come back to the land of baking sun and occasional bushes. Botanical garden sounds like a great idea then!

I asked around to find out who is willing to join my adventures, but apart from the greedy for money driver, I couldn’t find anyone who would want to go see the exotic collection of trees from all over the world. I hesitated a bit for taking a cab, the garden seemed to be close enough, so I rented a bike instead. This made me feel a much better ecologically conscious bear, although the bike was quite squeaky.

At the gates of the garden there was a guide waiting for me. In fact, the guide was not exactly waiting for me, but he was so happy to see a visitor, that I could not say no to him.

The excursion started with a story about the gates, which were delivered to this botanical garden from … but I got already allured by a massive Baobab at the entrance of the garden. I had never seen anything as thick and impressive in my life. Well, icebergs are quite impressive too, and it would be the coolest thing in the world to see a baobab on an iceberg, I thought. Of course, the first thing I attempted to do after seeing such a massive product of Mother Nature was to climb it. In the beginning it went really well, but then I saw an enormous spider, occupying one of the gigantic tree branches. It gave me such a fright that I immediately fell off and landed right in front of the tour guide, who continued his never-ending story about trees and bushes.


The garden was fantastic, filled in with all kind of fresh smells and lovely-looking plants. I had really good fun playing in the alleys and trying to cross the channel in Victoria Amazonica leaf, playing with the lotus flower, swinging here and forth on the lianas.

Right at the exit of the garden, I saw a beautiful deer.

–       Hi, deer! – said Medvedik. – Would you like to make a new friend and maybe go have a cup of green tea somewhere around?

–       Hello, Little Bear, – the deer answered lazily. – To be honest, I am very well here with my pals, enjoying some fresh grass, but you can leave your business card and I will call you later. Maybe.


I didn’t have a business card as well as I didn’t have any business. I left the garden, found my bike parked on the side, and left in the direction of the hotel, contemplating about the type of beary business that I could start in order to be able to leave business cards and make friends with deer and other animals.

Medvedik goes on a diet



One day Medvedik woke up in his usual beary state of mind. He got up and went to brush his teeth. He looked in the mirror and paused in awe. He noticed that there were three extra rolls of fat on his belly. “No way!” thought Medvedik, “It must have been just dark here and the mirror is not flattering with these lights”. He rushed out of the bathroom to look in the big mirror next to the window. Unfortunately the picture didn’t really change. Medvedik thought that it’s strange, because usually he acquired that extra fat when he was going to survive a cold winter in the North Pole. Why is it here and I am living in Dubai? Perhaps that double burger yesterday night was too much.

Medvedik decided to change the situation. He was living in a hot country and he was not a rare visitor of the beach. What if he meets a cute female polar bear on the beach and she is turned down by his rolls of fat? No, I need to change it immediately, thought the brave polar bear.


Choosing a fast and ecological way, Medvedik rode his bicycle to the park, which was 7 kms from his apartment. After 3 kilometres he understood that he needed a rest. He parked on the lawn and, breathing deeply, started doing light workout to burn more calories. He noticed a small fruit market not far away and went to buy some fruits for his small lunch that contained no burgers or salmon this time.

He jumped on the bicycle again and continued his way on the road, filled with cars and trucks. The air was thick and heavy, traffic moved slowly, but Medvedik made his way through with a decent speed. He was all sweaty when he made it to the park. He made couple of circles around and decided that it was a good time for his lunch.

After finishing his bowl of strawberries, he understood that he was still very hungry. I guess that’s the trick of the diet, he thought, you have to be hungry all the time. Just like those times when you wake up after long winter and go to the shore to catch some fish.

Medvedik lied on the grass for a while, looking to the clear blue sky, and decided that it was enough exercises for him that day. He decided to try gym someday, but for now he needed some rest and a plate of fresh Norwegian salmon.

One sunny day of Medvedik’s life in Denmark


Still early in the morning, he jumped off the boat, elated, and almost got run over by a bicycle rider. The rider was a blond girl of 16 years old, who seemed to be quite annoyed by Medvedik’s hesitancy to take a decision which direction to take. He followed her with his eyes wishing he also had a bicycle to cruise through the city, and hoofed to the mermaid monument.


When he arrived to the spot, there was already a crowd taking pictures. Medvedik occupied the bench in the sun observing the tourists, fighting for the best picture with the stone girl. Was she a girl? Was she a fish? Medvedik thought that at least half of her could be nicely served for dinner, although it’s a waste of food to throw away the other half… But leaving the poor mermaid untouched, Medvedik directed his pads to the centre of the city.


With wind in his face, Medvedik was standing on the quay of Copenhagen, observing colourful buildings and yachts, parked in front. He said hi to the swan, who was also pretending to be a yacht, but was actually interested in having a piece of ice cream, savored by the tourists.  


Medvedik strolled down to the Tall House Square, where he had a quick chat with Hans Christian Andersen about his stories and then listened to a song, performed by the street musician. Medvedik was contemplating whether he should go have a ride in the fun park Tivoli just across the road, but he dropped this idea, since there was a monster waking up in his stomach called hunger.

Medvedik went down the narrow street Stroget, looking around for a place to eat. A pretty waitress winked at him, inviting him to the Irish cafe and pub. Before Medvedik had a chance to think about it, he had already found himself sitting at the table, ordering fish and chips. When the girl asked him if he wanted a pint, he agreed. “This must be something good, a pint” he thought.


His lunch was nourishing, the sun was shining bright that day and Medvedik decided to go have a nap in the grass (good thing he doesn’t carry a passport and wallet with him, but pays with his charming smile for all the services).


Medvedik woke up an hour later, shook off the ants and felt an urge for a cup of a good coffee. He followed his nose to the closest coffee shop and ordered a cup of freshly brewed cappuccino.


As the coffee dissolved in his blood, he felt surprisingly energetic therefore he decided to rent a bicycle to feel the soul of Copenhagen. He turned around couple of times in his seat, trying to find the way to keep balance. Then he closed his eyes, breathed in and imagined how he’d ride through the city and the city would have embraced him with the fresh bread smell, and kebab-shop smell, and fishmongers’ smell…


But the clocks on the tower stroke 6 PM and it was time to move.

Medvedik decided to visit Kronborg Castle also knows as Hamlet’s Castle, which is situated in Elsinor, Denmark.


He walked around the old walls in hope to see the ghost of Hamlet’s father. It was getting dark and Medvedik noticed the moon high in the skies. Suddenly, it got very cold and he heard a sinister laughter… Medvedik looked all around and saw a black cat, climbing the wall. “I reckon I’m very tired and I should go back to the tourist bus”, – decided Medvedik, and ran as fast as he could, still covered with goosebumps.

That evening, he made sure to close the doors and windows of the hotel room since they stayed only 200 kms from the castle. He climbed under the blanket and falling asleep, recited a quote from Shakespeare:

 “To die, to sleep –
To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub,
For in this sleep of death what dreams may come…”