Medvedik roams through desert


Medvedik went to see if there was life outside Dubai. His trip to desert was spontaneous and unorganized. First thing he noticed was that the sand was not the same as it was in Barasti beach. It was very tiny and omnipresent.

Medvedik saw real camels and thought that normally polar bears and camels can only meet in the zoo. They live in absolutely different conditions. He was mesmerized by the gracefulness of these animals cruising through desert. Medvedik felt pity that these camels were tied up and couldn’t go play with him in the dunes. He tried to ask the camel keeper to set them free, but the guy just gave his a strage look. Then he tried to untie his big desert friend, but was kicked out by the camel shepherd.

Medvedik started feeling that he was overheating and tried to find some shade. Desert is definitely not the right place for a polar bear, he thought, it was stupid of me to even think that I could do this… he was thinking almost loosing his conscious. He looked around and oh yes, saw a nice little fountain that looked promising.

Medvedik jumped into the fountain only to find that water was very hot there. Well, it was stupid to expect that it would be cold. He got out of the water and bingo! spotted a bar. If there was a bar, then there should have been ice there.

Hooray, happy Medvedik dove in the bucket of ice and decided not to leave it till sunset. Once again he prayed for all the polar bears in the world that they could keep their habitat and wouldn’t be forced to move to places where they would have their asses fried in the sun.

Medvedik rides Dubai metro


One day Medvedik decided to be eco-friendly and try Dubai metro. He heard from some of his friends that it was super awesome and easy, it was clean and inviting, fast and there was no driver. The first question he had in his head was: “But what if I get stuck in the doors?” He decided to be extra attentive for this not to happen to him.

So, he entered the air-conditioned vestibule of the station and looked around. There were steps running up and there was an elevator. Medvedik paused, thinking what to choose. He felt flabbergasted by these modern technologies, remembering just  how easy it was running up and down the snow slops in the North Pole. He decided to go up the normal stairs, although some Indian woman gave him a look full of despise, as if it was wrong to run up the steps. The next thing Medvedik saw was a running carpet.

That is one hell of a technology-pumped country, Medvedik thought. It’s just a patch of a hundred metres long. How come people became so lazy that they can’t walk a little bit to get to the metro train, where they would put their fifth dimension (meaning the soft one) in the comfortable seat?

The metro was not crowded at all and Medvedik took a second to look out of a big window to see all those, who were not as eco-friendly, and were rushing down the Sheikh Zayed Road in their usual way.

He found an entrance to the metro station and greeted a gloomy policeman, who was wearing a funny hat. Medvedik saw a small shop on the station and was about to buy a Donut, when he saw that it was forbidden to eat in the metro. He turned around, crossed the tourniquet and stopped at the metro map. There were only two lines – green and red. It was indeed not too complicated. Medvedik had to give way to a lost woman covered in black. She looked confused and bemused at the same time. When he asked her if he could help, she turned around and ran away.

Medvedik went up the stairs again, listening the announcements in English and Arabic. He decided to go see Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, so he needed to ride Rashidia destination. The station was quiet and clean. The screen said that Medvedik had to wait three minutes for his train to arrive. “It’s quite convenient,” he thought. He could see the train coming from the previous station through the big window in the station. It was blue, shiny in the sun and looking like a big fast snake.

Medvedik rushed to the door and got inside. It was very clean and quite nice cabin. He wanted to greet the passengers, but they were not looking at him. The train started and Medvedik lost his balance and almost fell in the women’s cabin, but the very serious cabin security told him to get out, because he was of the wrong gender. Medvedik returned to the common wagon and stood next to the window. The train was running fast and smoothly. It almost made no sound. Medvedik thought that it’s quite a pleasant way to travel around the city.

At one point Medvedik even got the seat, but he gave it to the pregnant lady one station later.

It was nice and cool in the metro, at some point Medvedik even got cold, so he moved closer to the door. He looked at all the passengers, anticipating someone will get stuck in the doors, but no one did. He was quite disappointed to admit that his friends were right and it was not quite possible. He was thinking that it would be lovely to have this train running from one end of the North Pole to the other, so that the Polar Bears don’t have to walk long distances in search for food, but would just hope on a train and ride to the coast, having a nice chat along the way. Yeah, that would be lovely, thought Medvedik, looking at the patches of constructions in between the villas and skyscrapers. The North Pole was so far away from him at that moment…